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Our top 3 beaches

Our top 3 beaches

Not sure about you, but at Be ALAM we love the ocean! Of course, living in Bali, we are surrounded by amazing beaches. Here are our top 3 beaches. Two of them are in Bali and one of them is not too far from it.

At number three we have GREEN BOWL BEACH. This beach is pretty secluded, but definitely worth your while. It is located in South Kuta, about an hour away from Seminyak. If you haven’t rented your own means of transportation we suggest you hire a driver to take you and agree with him on a time to be picked up. What we did was arrange it with the Go-Jek driver that picked us up from where we were staying. Otherwise you might find yourself stranded there.

Once you get there you will see there is a small temple, a wide parking lot and a couple of food/restaurant spots, nothing fancy, but they do the trick.

Green Bowl Beach, Bali, Indonesia

To access the beach you have to hike down some steps, they aren’t steep but it’s approximately 75 meters. Make sure to have water and snacks with you, since there isn’t much once you get there, you might only find some women selling fresh coconut water and bintang beer.

Once you get to the bottom you will see a relatively small white sand beach, crystal blue water and limestone caves, perfect to get a rest from the sun. The best part of this spot is to be there during low tide and getting to see the green patches of seaweed, which probably gave the inspiration for it’s name.

Our second pick is ECHO BEACH in Canggu. This is a pretty big beach with shiny black sand that isn’t usually very crowded. It’s probably because of that, that it is only 50,000 rupees (about 3 euros) for two hammocks with an umbrella for the sun and only 20,000 for a fresh coconut (yes! We LOVE to drink fresh coconut water to keep hydrated while we read at the beach).

Echo beach, Bali, Indonesia

You can find some small food spots with nice options along the beach. We suggest the BBQ grill place, located right before you walk on to the beach, for dinner. They usually have some cool band playing live music in the evenings. And if you are feeling like it you can go for drinks at La Brisa.

Also, it is a great place to watch the sunset from. Trust us, the sunsets in Bali are magical.

And for the top one, we HAVE to say KELINGKING BEACH in the Island of Nusa Penida. To get to the Island you have to take a boat from Bali. Trust us it is WORTH it! You have probably seen the famous image of the beach from the top of a cliff on Instagram, if you think that view is pretty imagine what the beach is actually like… simply gorgeous!

When you get to the Island you can either rent a motorcycle or get a driver for the whole day, make sure to arrange a price and route from the beginning (this a good tip to have in mind during your whole stay in Indonesia).

The one place you can’t miss in Nusa Penida is Kelingking beach, it is quite a hike to get to the bottom, about 400 meters, at some points it’s even more of a climb where the only things keeping you safe are bamboo railings and ropes. It takes about an hour to get to the bottom. If your not fit or if you are scared of heights we suggest you don’t put yourself in such an uncomfortable situation.

The beach is completely virgin, there are no shops or anyone who tries to sell you anything. The water is of a very intense turquoise and there is quite an under tide and big waves because of the shape of the bay. After the hike down take your time to get your breath back and make sure to embrace the beauty of the place (and of course, take get some cool shots for your social media profiles).

Kelingking, Nusa Penida, Indonesia

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