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  • What does Be ALAM mean? The word "Alam" means nature in Malay, when we came up with the idea it just seemed to be the perfect fit for our project.
  • What is the Be ALAM community? Our goal for this project, besides making sustainable alternatives available to our customers, is to help grow awareness on plastic pollution and to share our personal journey to a zero waste lifestyle, we do that through our blog, where we share our thoughts on related topics and tips that we have learned. 

  • How do you ensure that all your products are sustainable? We focus on materials that create the least impact to harvest (bamboo, coconut shells and rattan among others). We also work really hard on finding the perfect suppliers and personally check the factories of our manufacturers, and make sure that the employees' conditions are up to our standards.

    • How will you counter your carbon footprint? The carbon emissions will be offset through a voluntary carbon tax. A carbon tax is a way to have users of carbon fuels pay for the climate damage caused by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.