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Partering with One Tree Planted

Why One Tree Planted?

We started Be ALAM with one clear mission, fight plastic pollution. While doing so, for over a year now, we noticed that it wasn’t enough. We realized that we also had to join the fight against another common enemy: Deforestation.  
The problem
Over the last year, we’ve seen disastrous bushfires in Australia and California. We’ve seen the Amazon burn, and it’s now burning again. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem. Business interests, illegal lodging, plantations, fuel, furniture, paper are some of many of the reasons forests disappear every single day.  
Today, we only have 34% of our rainforests left. 
At the current rate of deforestation and fires, these will disappear within 79 years. Most of you will be alive to see it.

Unless we all do something about it.  
That’s why we’ve decided to partner with One Tree Planted
They are a 501C3 non profit organization with a focus on global deforestation.

They are dedicated to making it easy for everyone to give back to the environment, protect biodiversity and create a healthier climate… 

All by planting trees. 

 Started in 2014, they now work with reforestation partners in North America, South America, Asia and Africa to help them on their mission.  
In 2019, they planted over 4 million trees.  
Our products are named after forests and jungles around the world, with the aim to emphasize the issue and remind you that, every time you buy one of our products, you are planting a tree around the world.  

Our pledge is to plant a tree for every order made.

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