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Gir wax wraps

Description –

Our Gir wax wraps come in different patterns and they may vary based on availability. Cotton soaked with wax, they are ethically sourced, making for the perfect alternative to cling film. Coming in a set of 3, they are:

  •       Compostable
  •       Eco-friendly
  •       Plastic substitute 

Packaging – 

The Gir wax wraps come in a cardboard box. The great thing about our packaging is that it’s plastic-free! All our products come in a traditional Balinese bamboo box. This box is both reusable and 100% biodegradable. We source our compostable mailers and stickers from No issue, so we are 100% plastic-free! 

Size –

Length 20cm x 20cm | 27cm x 27cm | 35cm x 35cm 

How to take care of them – 

Simply rinse with water and dry. Roll instead of folding for optimal storage. 

How to dispose of product – 

Our Gir wax wraps are 100% compostable; dispose of when you feel necessary.